Matching up a full board of pedals and integrating them in the FX loop of your amp may cause some problems when a mix of weak and strong signals have to co-exist in the same signal chain. But don’w worry! Your solution is right here. Let our Effect Loop Corrector fix it.



  • Get It Right – Corrects weak or string effect loops signals (send & return).
  • Correct your Signal Voltage – Custom Step Up/Down transformer.
  • Balanced & Unbalanced – Connect unbalanced mono cables (TS tip/sleeve) and balanced stereo cables (TRS tip/ring/sleeve) in any combination.
  • Eliminate Grounding Hum or Buzz – Internal ground reference switch.
  • Built to Last – Road-worthy, cold-rolled steel housing.
  • Dimensions – 4.75″ (L) / 3.5″ (W) / 2.63″ (H)
  • Current Draw – N/A (passive)
  • 1 Year Warranty – Please keep your purchase receipt.