The M2 Maverick Contour  gives you two distinct wah modes and each of them sounds unique. Further, the optical design gives you a clean tone that lasts, as there are no pots to wear out, but if you lust for that classic tone, you can choose to use the Audio 100K Slide Pot for that traditional tone and feel.

Whatever you prefer, M2 Maverick Contour delivers.



  • Dual Wah Mode – Swap between 2 different Wah modes
  • Hybrid – Optical and pot-based approaches united
  • Switchless On/Off – Simply step on to engage Wah and step off to bypass.
  • Electro-Optical Wah Control – No pots to get scratchy and wear out!
  • Audio 100K Slide Pot – Traditional wah tone, travel and Q.
  • ‘True-Tone’ Bypass Buffer Circuit – Ensures pure guitar tone and maintains your signal level in bypass and Wah modes.
  • Feed it Anything – Ready to take on guitar, bass, keyboards, etc.
  • Built to Last – Road-worthy, cold-rolled steel housing.
  • Dimensions – 9.13″ (L) / 5.88″ (W) / 2.75″ (H)
  • Power – Morley 9V 300mA adapter or 9V battery.
  • Current Draw – 14 mA
  • 1 Year Warranty – Please keep your purchase receipt.